We stock the full range of seasonal FRUITS & VEG as well as PREPPED VEG and BABY VEG


Saving you time & wasteage as well as giving you accurate food costs, many of our customers have opted for PREPPED VEG which we supply in the following standard pre-packed bags.

  • Beetroot Cubed 1kg / 4 kg
  • Butternut Cubed 1kg / 4kg
  • Carrots Grated 1kg
  • Coleslaw Mix 1kg / 4kg
  • Julienne Veg Mix 4kg
  • Onion Rings Thick slice 4kg
  • Onion Rings Thin slice 4kg
  • Roast Veg Mix 4kg
  • Shredded Cabbage Green 1kg / 4kg
  • Shredded Cabbage Red 1kg / 4kg
  • Shredded Iceberg 800g
  • Shredded Spinach 2kg


We stock a range of very popular BABY VEG.

  • Baby Beetroot 500g pack (Candy / Golden / Regular)
  • Baby Carrots (Purple / Yellow / Orange)
  • Baby Corn
  • Baby Fennel
  • Baby Leek
  • Baby Turnips
  • Fine Beans
  • Mange Tout
  • Sugar Snap
  • and more…


Our JUICING PRODUCTS are pre-packed in a convenient 5kg bag.

  • Juicing Apples
  • Juicing Carrots
  • uicing Oranges

These are specifically used for JUICING to ensure that you get the most out of your Juicing Product.